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Five Star Lumber Co. LLC specializes in the manufacturing of high quality new 48x40 4-way Wooden Pallets. Our pallets are all machine nailed on one of our State of the Art Viking or GBN nailing machines insuring the highest standard of pallet assembly in the industry. We also can quote you on custom sized pallets depending on the size and volume needed. Lastly, we can provide you with “Costco” white block pallets if needed.


We specialize in new Hardwood and Softwood pallets insuring you of the cleanest pallets that are uncontaminated and ready for use in your operations that meet food safety standards. The Hardwood lumber species we use are Western Red Alder, Maple and Southern Oak. The Softwood species we use are Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Spruce, Pine and Fir.


We also provide Heat-Treated pallets for export shipping abroad. FSL is certified under the ISPM-15 Regulations to provide Heat-Treated pallets for all you exporting needs.

Custom Hardwood Pallets
Custom Softwood Pallets

Custom Block Pallets

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